RV x K2

Simultaneous Radial Velocity Observations with Kepler/K2 Campaign 16

Welcome to RVxK2

RVxK2 is a simultaneous radial velocity observing program with Kepler/K2 Campaign 16 (December 7, 2017 – February 25, 2018). The team is led by Dr. Sharon Xuesong Wang at Carnegie DTM, and team members across the world. Participating telescopes and instruments including Keck/HIRES, APF, IRTF/iSHELL, SONG, MINERVA, and PARAS. We welcome new collaborations any time!

Why the name? RVxK2 = RV times K2. “x” emphasizes the simultaneity of the RVs and Kepler photometry in time.

Our target list and telescope coverage is available here.

We have concluded our RVxK2 runs! Our Keck/HIRES high cadence nights were terribly snowed out, unfortunately, but we have successfully gather data on HIP 44072 and HD 76445 for a few hours. Please stay tuned for science results and data release!

Our RVxK2 team include: Jason Wright , John Johnson, Fabienne Bastien, Jacob Luhn, Jennifer Burt, Elisabeth Newton, Jason Eastman, Johanna Teske, Heather Cegla, Peter Plavchan, Angelle Tanner, Jonathan Gagné, Andrew Vanderburg, Courtney Dressing, Paul Robertson, Stephen Kane, Abhijit Chakraborty, Frank Grundahl, Bryson Cale, Brad Holden, Howard Isaacson, Andrew Howard, and Paul Butler.

We have now begun our RVxTESS observation planning! We plan to start with high cadence observations with Keck/HIRES and Magellan/PFS on subgiants and M dwarfs. Here’s a list of our RVxTESS team members (in a completely random order):

Jason Wright, Jacob Luhn (Penn State), Elisabeth Newton (MIT), Heather Cegla (Geneva Obs), Andrew Vanderbug (UT Austin), Dan Huber (University of Hawaii/IfA), Tim Bedding (University of Sydney).

The PFS team, including Johanna Teske (Carnegie Obs/DTM), Steve Shectman, Ian Thompson, Jeff Crane (Carnegie Obs), Paul Butler (Carnegie DTM), Jennifer Burt (MIT).

The Keck/HIRES team, including Andrew Howard (Caltech), Howard Isaacson (UC Berkeley).

The MINERVA team, including John Johnson, Jason Eastman, Amber Medina (Harvard/CfA).

Lick/APF team, including, Courtney Dressing (UC Berkeley), Paul Robertson (UC Irvine), Stephen Kane (UC Riverside), Brad Holden (UCSC).

The IRTF/iSHELL team, Peter Plavchan, Bryson Cale (George Mason Univ.), Angelle Tanner (Mississippi State Univ.), Jonathan Gagné (Carnegie DTM).